Mansoor Foroughi Advanced Neurosurgery

Mr Mansoor Foroughi

MB ChB (Sheff), FRCS (London), MSc (Neurovascular disorders), FRCS(SN), FEBNS, EANS (Braakman Diploma)

Consultant Neurosurgeon – Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (Feb 2015 – Jan 2022)

Active and key role in development of Cerebrospinal fluid section in European Association of Neurological Surgeons – Hydrocephalus (all types especially Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus), Chiari malformation & Syringomyelia, CSF pathway lesions (e.g. colloid cysts & pineal tumours), arachnoid cysts of brain and spine.

My current practice includes complex Brain tumour surgery, vascular surgery of brain & spine (aneurysms, AVMS, DAVF, Cavernous Haemangioma), key hole surgery of brain, Lumbar and Cervical spine disc surgery, Cervical spine disc replacement, Spinal Stenosis decompression, all emergency brain and spine surgery, and focus on latest & best suitable patient centred techniques in management of Complex CSF disorders (hydrocephalus, Chiari malformation and syringomyelia, arachnoid cysts, CSF pathways lesions and etc).

Mr Foroughi grew up in Wales and qualified from Sheffield Medical school in 1992, obtaining both FRCS parts at first attempt, and commenced his highly extensive & sub-specialised Neurosurgical training at the Royal London Hospital in 1997, before completing his formal Neurosurgical training program in University Hospital of Wales, with extensive experience in both Cranial and Spinal surgery.

This was followed by three fellowships including two long and intensive international fellowship programs, during which he also completed his MSc program in Neurovascular diseases. The first program was training closely with the world renowned Neurosurgical team in Helsinki Finland specialising in Neuro-Vascular conditions, microneurosurgery techniques & Skull base surgery, followed by completion of the accredited North American Paediatric neurosurgical fellowship program in Vancouver Canada, with interest in brain tumours, epilepsy and Neuroendoscopy.

Following his return to the United Kingdom, he worked as senior fellow at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, specialising in skull base surgery and minimally invasive techniques, before working as a Consultant Neurosurgeon for several years at QEH Birmingham. While working in the UK’s largest and busiest Neurosurgical unit, he supported the National Military Service at QEH, and was much involved in the development of the Neuro-Trauma & Neurovascular services, Spine surgery (disc surgery, degenerative disease, spinal tumours), and Neuro-oncology. In keeping with the units international reputation he further focused on management of Hydrocephalus and the treatment of Chiari Malformations, Syringomyelia, colloid & arachnoid cysts, and specialising in Neuro-endoscopic procedures.

From February 2015 to January 2022 he was appointed as a Consultant Neurosurgeon at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.

He is passionate about teaching, use of problem based learning techniques, self-assessment & improvement using new technology, use of operative videos for training and advocating where possible routine recording of operations.

He is highly experienced, has performed more than 4000 Neurosurgical procedures, been presented and published more than 40 articles & abstracts in Scientific meetings & Journals, and is author of several Neurosurgical book chapters.

He and his team have been the recipients of awards for Neurosurgery and Innovation. He is a great believer in specialisation, teamwork and knowledge sharing so that patients get the best combined expertise available.

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