I just wanted to say thank you. It was really fantastic to see Mr. Faroughi again. I feel like I’m in safe hands and with someone I have complete faith and trust in.


I was referred to Mr Foroughi following a slipped disc, at a time when I was suffering severe pain and anxiety, and I was really distressed. Mr Foroughi was incredibly kind and reassuring, and he was very easy to talk to. He was also very thorough. At every stage he explained clearly what had happened to my back, and what the options were going forward. Although I was initially really keen to have an operation to correct things, Mr Foroughi encouraged conservative management in the first instance. He gave me the confidence to try this and it was definitely the right decision for me. At all times Mr Foroughi was available to answer my worries and concerns. I feel really fortunate that Mr Foroughi was my doctor at such a difficult time for me. I am truly grateful.


Dear Mansoor,

Thank you for your comments and concern. It is so refreshing to be able to contact a doctor who responds quickly and with genuine empathy, as this has not been our experience under the NHS.

Thank you again so much for your considered efforts, and wishing you a good week.


I had been suffering with intense excruciating episodes of facial pain for over 6 years which had been increasing in frequency over the last 2.5 years.

The medical profession were all puzzled as to the reason behind them. Numerous consultations with Neurologists and ENT consultants had lead to multiple operations, since MRI scans suggested the problem was related to my oversized Eustachian tube. Sadly though the operations did not bring any cure.

Following a visit to a pain management consultant I was then referred to Mr Foroughi.

During my1st visit with Mr Foroughi I discovered that at last I had found someone who genuinely cared and was determined to investigate and resolve my problem. He was unbelievably kind, understanding and compassionate, realising I was almost at my witts end. He believed the problem was not ENT related and believed it to be a complicated form of trigeminal neuralgia.
My life by that time had become heavily medicated by others doctors I had seen to try and keep the attacks under control, but Mr Foroughi vowed and reassured me that there would be a solution and explained in depth the surgery he had planned along with the association.

A few setbacks with admission for surgery were experienced, thanks to the NHS situation, however again he was so kind and caring, realising my immense disappointment, he kept assuring me that the needed surgery would take place sooner rather than later, although due to the rarity complexity of my condition, he could not be 100% certain of success. Sure enough cranial surgery did finally happen where by Mr Foroughi did all that he had promised and more to stop any repeat pain episodes.

During post surgery follow up consultations again Mr Foroughi went above and beyond to assure me that even if his procedure did cure the problem, he would not rest until he found something that would.

Now, half a year later I can happily say I am medication free and other than occasional twinges, which may even be more related to the previous ENT surgical procedures, no further severe attacks of pain have been experienced. It would appear my problem has been solved.

Mr Foroughi was indeed an absolute life saver and a you are unlikely to meet a kinder or more caring man within the medical world


I cannot praise Mr Foroughi enough. In April of 2016 Mr Foroughi performed a microdiscectomy on my lower back which was causing me excruciating sciatic pain for nearly a year, other therapies (physio etc.) simply didn’t work so I took the major step to go for surgery. This is when I found Mr. Foroughi. While many surgeons can come across haughty and aloof, Mr Foroughi by stark contrast is personable, warm and completely puts one at ease. These qualities, which all surgeons should possess but so rarely do, are matched only by Mr Foroughi’s consummate skill and professionalism. Mr. Foroughi’s aftercare was also exceptional, he always made me feel like I was his only patient, nothing was ever rushed, nothing was ever too much trouble. And he was always ready to listen to my concerns and answer my questions. Mr. Foroughi is a rare one indeed and I was lucky to find him. I would recommend Mr. Foroughi wholeheartedly to anyone who I feel would benefit from his expertise and skill. And finally, I just want to say thank you, thank you Mr. Foroughi for everything you have done for me.