A typical consultation first appointment takes between 40-60 minutes. During this process a comprehensive history is taken and relevant examination carried out. After this any imaging will be reviewed and a plan made. Often this may require further investigations (e.g.MRI scans), and during subsequent consultation, the results of any investigations will be discussed, and a plan made for any possible treatment and follow-up.

Bring a

A referral letter from either your General Practitioner, specialist, or a physiotherapist.

Pre Arrange

Any images and relevant scans to be made available. This can be done preferably by prior arrangement with assistants, by direct link and transfer of images, or provision of functioning CDs of X-rays and scans available. You are welcome to bring along with you a friend or family member who may be reassuring and able to help with questions and answers, understanding and the consultation process.

Medical History

If available, previous and relevant medical reports and letters, including recent or relevant discharge summaries.

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